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"Kellie takes her time to get to know you and understand your goals. She will take you through the best exercises for your body and cares deeply about your success. Kellie goes above and beyond to help people with all types of food and body issues. She understands being fit comes in many shapes and sizes. I have been referring Kellie to friends for years." - Jennifer Levinson"


"I hate working out, but Kellie makes it fun. She is great at making me do more than I think I can. In just a few weeks of personal training I have lost more than 10 inches. I love that we do so many different kinds of workouts! One day it's water aerboics, another is weight training and boxing, we even do yoga. She likes to keep me guessing and it's working! - SL


"Kellie's 30Days 30Minutes plan got me in shape quickly without ever leaving my house. I definitely felt I was working my whole body and I love the extra abs and booty workouts. If you want conveience this is the plan I'd reccommend." - Allison Mack


If getting fit and eating healthy is on your list to get back out in the world, you're in the right place. A bit about 2018 I became a professional Chef! Can you believe it? I want to share my healthy versions of delicious food with you! Be sure to get on my email list to receive my weekly menu of nutritious food that is delivered to your house.