My 30Days 30Minutes Plan is 30 days of 30 minute home workouts. This plan is the perfect combination of my best body sculpt, abs & buns, and cardio workouts. Each day you'll do something different. You'll get in shape quickly right in your own living room! 


For body sculpt all you need are hand weights. For beginners I suggest sets of 3 & 5 lb dumbbells. If you've been exercising pick up 5 & 8 lb dumbbells. On cardio days strap on your watch for living room cardio or an outdoor walk/jog challenge. For my super abs and buns exercises you'll need a mat or towel.


These workouts are super effective, you'll continue to burn calories long after you finish. In addition to your plan you'll be invited to my secret 30Days 30Minutes Facebook group to view pics and videos of all the exercises. My workouts are easy to follow and I am here to support you whenever you have a question. I'll be your biggest cheerleader! Get your INSTANT DOWNLOAD today and get started!

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