Happy, Alert, Energizing Foods

Eating should make us feel good! You hear a lot about salmon, blueberries, and dark chocolate boosting energy and mood, now it's time to give some other foods your attention. Add the foods below to your day to stay alert and keep smiling.

Oranges - the smell alone has a positive effect, vitamin C helps push oxygen through your body up to your brain giving you a mood boost, tear open an orange at 3pm

Chard - a woman's best friend packed with stress relieving magnesium, a fighter of PMS symptoms, and helps us sleep better too, we all know a good night's sleep gets us in a better mood

Red Meat - 80% of women are iron deficient, without iron blood struggles to get to your brain making you feel constantly exhausted, a lean burger or bolognaise sauce a couple times per week can solve this problem, vegetarians try a black bean patty to get your fill

Dried Cherries - grab a handful of this tart treat offering melatonin, a crucial compound for good sleep, and a healthy carb producing relaxing serotonin

Blue Potatoes - you're going to have to visit a co-op or farmer's market to get these but it will be worth it, the special antioxidant anthocyanin in blue potatoes reduces brain inflammation which is a common cause of depression and short term memory loss

Mussells - this seafood is full of iodine, selenium, and zinc all of which support the thyroid which directly affects mood, not to mention the B12 which fortifies brain cells so you feel more alert

Asparagus - low folate levels contribute directly to depression, asparagus will give you a double dose of folate so load up and it's high in tryptophan a mood stabilizing serotonin producer

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