High Protein Grab Go Snacks

Most women do not eat enough protein. The daily recommended amount is 46 grams per day for an average women. If you're exercising shoot for 60 grams every day to keep hunger away and to help build and maintain precious muscle. One easy way to do it is to include protein every time you eat. Check out the list of grab and go below.

Two slices low sodium nitrate free turkey rolled with two slices low fat swiss = 26 grams protein

1/2 cup dry roasted edamame = 28 grams protein

3 oz low sodium preservative free beef jerky = 24 grams protein

One Greek yogurt with a handful of slice almonds and a handful of any berries= 17 grams protein

Two lightly salted large hard boiled eggs = 14 grams protein

One ounce Jarlsberg cheese = 7 grams

One the Go cottage cheese snack = 20 grams


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