Fit Bits For Kids

I'm not so sure about accessorizing our kids with Fit Bits. Sure it may encourage them to move more but do we really want them competing with their friends, or even worse their mom? I think it might be healthier, psychologically, to reward activity like we reward reading and doing chores. Make a chart. On the chart you have their daily tasks such as reading for ten minutes, picking up their rooms, feeding the dog, 30 minutes of activitiy, taking out the trash. All of these get a star. Reward the # of stars per day as you choose. Aren't we really just trying to teach positive habits?

Kids move more than most adults, they just do. Giving a child a goal of 10,000 steps really just equates to them living their life. The point is to get our kids more exercise, purposeful exercise. Activities they identify as exercise and have a positive experience with such as swimming, soccer, running, rock climbing, dodgeball or yoga. They don't have to be jocks and be all in to basketball leagues and lacrosse. There are many fun and interesting purposeful ways to get exercise. You may find they really enjoy and have a knack for a new skill vs. counting steps.

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