Not Your Grandma's Chair Workout

You can do this quick workout at home with just a chair! You'll hit your buns, arms and abs perfectly.

Exercise One: Dip Hip Lift A. Position yourself on your chair as shown

Exercise One: Dip Hip Lift B. Bend elbows for tricep dip, straighten arms then lift hips and squeeze those buns! Repeat 10 X

Exercise Two: Tummy Tuck A. Position yourself on chair as shown, pull belly button to spine

Exercise Two: Tummy Tuck B. Shift feet toward ground (do not push legs out), pull tummy and exhale as you bring your knees back toward your chest Repeat 10X

I love home workouts! I have many more on my 30 Days 30 Minutes plan. It's full of weight training, living room cardio and super abs and buns. All you'll need are hand weights. Click here to learn more!weight-loss-plans/xh5p2

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