Quick Full Body Blast

Take 15 minutes today for this full body workout you can do at home! Tag a friend to do it with you! You can use water bottles or light hand weights and I know you have a chair. In only four exercises you will work legs, shoulders, chest, biceps, abs, buns and tricpes. Now go for it!

1. Squat Press - Press into your heels as you squat. Press into your heels as you stand, squeeze your buns and press "weights" over head. 16 reps

2. Push Up Leg Up - Perform push up with one leg up, lift leg high enough to flex your buns. 8 push ups each leg

3. Tricep Dips - Bend and straighten elbows, lift hips as you straighten arms. 16 reps

4. Side Lunge Twist - Step out to the side into lunge (bend knee) then twist, step back in. Alternate legs. 8 sets

Repeat all 3X

There are more workouts like this in my 30 Days 30 Minutes home workout plan! Plus cardio drills and top secret abs and buns moves. All you need are hand weights! Check it out along with other Weight Loss Plans

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