Mommy Time Monday!

The kids are in school, it's Mommy time. Get this full body workout done in 15 minutes. Tag a friend to do it too! Go!

#1 Make an X abs - Alternate touching opposite hand to foot. Be sure to lift your shoulders and pull in your belly button when you lift. 20 reps (make it tougher by never letting your feet touch, hoover above the floor)

#2 Curtsy Lunge - Start with feet wide then step back on an angle and bend both knees. Press through the heel in front when you come out of the lunge and back to start position. Alternate right left. 20 reps

#3 Push Up Leg Up - Push ups work everything from the belly button up, adding the leg now hits your backside too! Perform the push up the best you can, keep tummy in tight, alternate lifting leg, 10 reps (make it easier, do the push up on your knees with the lifted leg bent)

Repeat all 3X

Great job getting it done today! If you like this and want 30 minutes check out my 30 Days 30 Minutes plan of all home workouts. It's the perfect combination of cardio drills, abs and buns and weight training (all you need are hand weights). Have a great Monday ladies! Keep coming back for Mommy Time Monday.


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