Busy Weekend Workout

In these 5 magic moves you'll work your whole body! I'm using a band in a couple exercises, hand weights work too. Get this done this weekend, you'll be so glad you did! More do it at home exercise routines are in my 30 Days 30 Minutes plan, check it out, it's now available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD http://www.kelliefit.com/#!weight-loss-plans/xh5p2

#1 Hip lift. In start position (pictured) drop and raise your hips, give your booty an extra squeeze at the top of the lift. 16 reps

#2 When is the last time you did a wall sit? Work your whole lower body in one move. If you have a band add it for a shoulder raise. Hold the wall sit for 30 seconds as you raise and lower the band 12X.

#3 Row. Using a medium resistance band or hand weights, sitting in your best posture, pull the band or weights to your hips while squeezing your back. 16 reps

#4 Bicep curl. Use a medium resistance band or hand weights. With one foot on the middle of the band curl and lower maintaining constant resistance. 16 reps

#5 Chair push up. Work everything from the belly button up! Be sure to pull your tummy in as you perform the push up. 12 reps

Repat all 4X

I love quick home workouts! It feels so good to get it done especially when you have a busy weekend. My 30 Days 30 Minutes plan is all home workouts that are 30 minutes or less. You'll get just the right amount of cardio, toning and my super abs and buns moves to make a big change in your body in 30 days. All you need for this plan are hand weights! Check out all of my Weight Loss Plans that are now available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD http://www.kelliefit.com/#!weight-loss-plans/xh5p2 Have a great fit weekend!


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