3 Day Bikini Plan

Lose the belly bloat, fat and inches. Feel great in your swimsuit or for a special event. On this three day menu you will eat foods to decrease water retention, boost fat loss, and trim your tummy. When you need to look great in a bathing suit or fit into that little black dress this is the final touch to looking your ultimate best! INSTANT DOWNLOAD

"I lost my last 5 lbs and it was easy!" 

- Debbie Vail

 8 Week Nutrition Update

You'll receive 8 weeks of weight loss menus, simple recipes and organized grocery lists. I'm also your coach, you can ask me anything. You can do this! Watch the pounds melt away without being on a diet. 


When you give yourself the nutrition your body craves it responds beautifully and lets go of unwanted fat and bloating. You will feel better after just a few days on the plan. Watch your sugar cravings disappear and your energy soar! This a great tool for long-term, permanent weight loss, and it's delicious! You'll have just the right combination of good fats, nutritious carbohydrates, and lean proteins.


When you're finished you'll have recipes on hand and have adopted a healthy eating lifestyle that will keep the weight off. Choose Basic Healthy for those who eat all foods (no pork) or Vegetarian. Do you need GF? It's coming soon. Notes on following your eight-week plan are included. Choose your INSTANT DOWNLOAD below. After purchase, I will be in touch to E-meet you for coaching,











"This was a real game changer for me. It was easy to follow and I loved the grocery lists. I have a breakfast from this plan every morning!" - Sara Cohen


 "Such an amazing program if you are looking for a healthy option with a great coach"

- Heather Williams Marton


"I have never eaten this healthy before! I finally have a six pack!" - Emily Feit


"Great plan! I lost weight and feel great!" - Erin S.